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Billy Goat

$ 24.99
Billy Goat

Billy Goat

$ 24.99
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Here's the deal.
Everyone knows the greatest Gift Of All Time would be a goat.
But caring for a live goat can be challenging, difficult, and time consuming.
We found the solution. 
For a limited time you will be able to send a soft and fuzzy miniature plush goat to a friend, enemy, or yourself! The receiver of this incredible gift will then have a lifelong friend, companion, and a customized message of your choosing!

How It Works:

Add a hand-written note
Decide who will be receiving the goat.
We ship the goat to the shipping address provided. 
What You Get:
1 Incredible Plush Goat
Endless Memories
Hand Written Note
Automatically become a part of the exclusive Goat Herd
All goats are sent 100% anonymously. There is no billing information included with the goat. The only way the recipient will know who sent the goat is if you include your name on the note.